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Proud to be a "Goal Digger"

I was out shopping the other day and while strolling the aisle I came across a cute white desk plaque with black letters that read, "Goal digger". It immediately caught my attention for the cool play on the word "Gold digger". There were several desk plaques on display but this one resonated with me the most. It's as if the plaque gave me a head nod affirming the goals I've already set for myself. The plaque may have read "Goal digger", but internally I heard, "Girl you got this", "stay focused", "get organized", "keep going", "there's no shortcut to building something great", "you will accomplish the goals you've set because you're putting in the work." The thoughts brought a smile to my face. I knew if it felt that good to be reaffirmed by a plaque, it's going to feel amazing to crush the goals I once didn't believe I could.

My motto for '2022' is to eliminate self-limiting beliefs at all costs. They are a detriment to progress and have held me back long enough. I'm sure some of you reading this blog can relate. It's never been about a resolution for me, it's about setting an intention and executing the vision even when I'm fearful of the outcome. Pushing past fear presents an opportunity to learn and grow and it builds confidence. I need all of that in my life.

I went through a lot in 2021, we all did. We're still fighting a global pandemic and there seems to be no end in sight. My cancer diagnosis completely changed my life and intensified my desire to live my best on purpose. I have a new perspective and I owe it to God and myself to use my gifts.

I'll be starting the new year off with a social media detox to get centered, strategize, and quite frankly make better use of my time. I love social media and the various platforms provide the means to do a lot of good work but it can also be such a distraction so I'm reclaiming my time and taking a break. I'll be back though 😉 .

I'm holding myself accountable with a sister circle and the support of like-minded men and women all committed to leveling up. We check in with each other, share resources, encourage and push one another to be our best. These are the kind of people I chose to connect with. Nothing else will work for me and I'm not sorry. I'm proud to be a "Goal Digger." My objective for '2022' is to win, period.

Are you a "Goal digger"? Tell me about your goals and how you plan to execute them in 2022?


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