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Spirit of a Thriver

We've entered the holiday season. Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is on the way. This also signifies that the end of the year is approaching. This year has gone by so fast and so much has happened that it's taken writing this blog to unpack some of it. I can't help but reflect with a grateful heart for each milestone I've been able to accomplish this year. There have been several that are worth mentioning. One is having this blog past the one-year mark. I originally gave myself 1 year. I didn't know what would happen with this blog. I just knew the idea of starting a blog had sat in my journal long enough and it was time to move past the fear of judgment and just go for it.

As I was building my site, I didn't anticipate a cancer diagnosis taking center stage in my life. I had already made the commitment to write the blog. What was I going to do now? I could've written about anything but to stay true to the intention of the blog it was like God was setting me up. He used the cancer diagnosis to push me. I was tested but my faith increased while he gave me the grace to go through it all. I used this platform as a vehicle to educate and inspire others.

This past September, it's been one year since I was given a breast cancer diagnosis. On November 30, 2020, a year ago from the time I'm posting this blog, I had a lumpectomy. Upon completion of chemotherapy and radiation in July of this past summer, I was declared cancer-free. Last week I had my 1st mammogram since treatment and the results concluded, "no cancer detected". God is good. I'm thriving ya'll! I have the spirit of a thriver.

I hear a lot about thriving. I think I've become especially sensitive to the word being a cancer survivor. Subconsciously I was looking at being a "thriver" as a destination, one I'd advance to after becoming a cancer survivor. Part of that is true, I am a thriver but it isn't a destination I've reached, it's the attitude I bring to meet each day. The spirit of a thriver isn't limited to those that have beat cancer or any kind of illness for that matter. Being a thriver is an approach to life. The goal is to thrive in every area of our lives. I think we all strive to find that delicate balance of, family time, career, business, relationships, spirituality, emotional and physical health. It sounds so much easier than it really is.

I will say that there's transformative power in reflection, positive affirmation, and meditation. It's changed the way I speak to myself. I have become more confident as a result. I speak to myself differently. My courage has deepened. I believe I can have the life I love, one I deserve beyond my expectations. I mean, why not? My measure of success doesn't have to look like anyone else's. I get to determine what success looks and feels like for myself.

Cancer caused a shift for obvious reasons. It's been that life-altering event that changed everything. It pushes me every day. There were areas of my life that I've coasted on that haven't brought me the happiness or success I want. I didn't know what I wanted and I was afraid to take risks because, well, what if I fail? I didn’t really know myself but I can honestly say I've been putting in the work to be the best version of me. I work at it every day.


Khisha 'Latch Khi Queen'
Khisha 'Latch Khi Queen'
Dec 05, 2021

Love you beyond words 🥰. "Thank you" is too small a word for all the support, encouragement, loyalty, love, friendship and sisterhood we've shared down through the years. ❤


Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams
Nov 30, 2021

What a difference a year makes. God is so good. That’s right, this is a season to thrive. Not just live, but truly thrive! I’m so proud of you. My sweet Rose ❤️

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