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A piece of what's on My Mind


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Hi, my name is Khisha. I'm a blogger, mother, wife, veteran, writer, lover of music, black culture, and current breast cancer warrior. I'm passionate about life, love, faith, family, and social justice. At my core, I'm a latch key kid that grew up on the east side of Buffalo between two neighborhoods, Kenfield projects and the downtown area at 75 Park. I was raised by a single mom and there were many ups and downs, a direct result of my parent's best effort to co-parent. All of it provided me with a strong sense of independence that has shaped me into the woman I am today.

My Current Read

A friend sent me this book as a gift, Brittney Cooper's "Eloquent Rage". I just started reading it and I can already relate to Chapter 1 "The problem with Sass". I'm looking forward to the rest of the book. What's on your reading list?


Words of Affirmation

"Perfection isn't a prerequisite for me to move in my own greatness.   I am enough right now."~ Khisha



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